Thursday, March 3, 2011

What kinds of body piercing are permissible in Islam ?!

Assalamualeyum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, dear brothers and sisters !!!
As a majority of indian muslim woman, i'm wearing a nose pins(piercing).
Some days ago, i had a doubt on piercing in islam... if it's allowed to wear nose pins ?! 
I found something about this matter : 

It is not permissible to pierce the belly button, or other body parts such as the lips, tongue, eyebrows etc.; this is not considered an adornment for the Muslim female in Islam. Only the ears and the nose are permissible to pierce and one can find examples of this taking place in the time of the Prophet and it was not forbidden.
To have other body parts pierced other than the ears and nose is mutilation (muthlah) of the human body which is forbidden in Islam. Both the person having it done and the doer will be in sin. Mutilation of this sort will indeed cause a great deal of harm to the body. It is highly possible that it could be a means of infection to cause irreversible harm to the body. This is not promoted in Islam but forbidden.
It is also an imitation of the non-Muslims (who invented this act and made it into a fashion) and has been highly popularized by actors and actresses as an object of beauty. In light of this it will be "tashabuh" (imitation) of a non-Muslim nation.
AN IMPORTANT ONE : women who have a nose piercing have to covert their face when they go outside !!!!
They have to wear the niqab !!!!



  1. i want a nose piercing my wont let me he says its haram maybe he is saying thaat so i dont get it or something but i really want one but i dont wear the niqab i wear the normal scarf that covers your hair and neck full on would i still be able to get a nose piercing without wearing the niqab for the rest of my life if my dad lets that is? And my name is Rana

    1. Nose piercing is halal in islam. And you dont have to wear niqab. Because showing face, feet and hands upto wrist is halal in islam. In fact prophet (pbuh) discouraged women to dress in way where recognising them is difficult. Allah created people with different faces so they can be recognised. Hands upto wrist and feet for distinguished prints.

  2. Percing ur nose is not harram, and no U don't have to wear that NIQAB. As long as U don't draw attention to other men .

  3. Is it compulsory to wear nose pin in Islam after marriage...if so what is d main reason behind

  4. Hello i was just wondering if piercing my ear from either the top or the bottom was permissible in Islam.

  5. As a muslimah can i pierce my cheeks ?
    I Always Wanted Too Before I Converted



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